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I can clean it out with a toothpick or something.But it's good! It's clean. *taps on sound board* That will take some work later.This one is number .I use handmade paper because it's a handmade guitar, why not use handmade paper?And we make them ourselves. There it is, one Greenfield Guitars label. Let's go glue it on.We have the sound board, we have the back we have the rim set.We're at a stage where these bodies have been closed and it's starting to look like a guitar.It's a vacuum that will hold the guitar in any number of positions and free it up for me to work on the sides.

So this is ready for the next step, I'm going to check for flatness and round.This is just the Remanence of that glue that we used to make the rim sets earlier when we were laminating.This will all get sanded out dead flat before we go to finish sand -I just don't want to remove any more material that absolutely necessary at this early stage.This is a piece of Honduran Mahogany.I bought enough of it for hopefully the rest of my career which would be awesome because it's getting exceedingly difficult to find in general, and of this quality and size in specific.Just to give you an idea.

The ceilings in this workshop are feet tall, and these boards were feet long.You just don't find lumber - these sizes - that frequently anymore.Here is a piece that was swan out of one of those boards and prepared closer to the size I need in order to make necks. The other material has been used to make internal blocks, other various structures This is just a little universal template I made and it accommodates all of my various neck lengths that I use in the making of the guitars.So I'm just going to lay this out on the board and then we'll take it over to the handsaw. Mahogany is a reasonably light and incredibly stable wood, which makes it such a great neck wood.I'm cutting this out and this is going to sit on a shelf for probably.

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